Bladed stuff? OK, admitted.


Another of the recently redesigned Order weapons. Between this, the Scorpio, the Redeemer (hoverturret) and some other changes, I realize the Order are becoming pretty sci-fi pretty fast, and I need to watch it with the fancy glowing stuff… I don’t want them to start to look like the Herd, so they’ll have to make use of steel armour plate, leather patches, ornaments, cloaks and two-handed swords to maintain their own faction appearance. The Herd don’t use glowing yellow stuff, anyway.

Still, this is better than the faux-medieval weaponry I had in mind for them in the beginning – closing the gap between the factions a little and making the Order look more fearsome in comparison to the guys with the laser guns and the goat heads! Just need to try and not close it too far.

Welp, spellcasting is still Order-only so there’s that.

Not quite nonviolent, admittedly.


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