SJ progress


Hello friendly people, I wanted to talk a bit about my progress on Scout’s Journey.

I’m currently continuing traditional art practice, both on paper and using pixels. The topics are still heads, features, and now also the anatomy of the torso. Very old school stuff. I hope to be able to draw portraits of all SJ protagonists not too far into the future, and to start modelling bodies after that. I think I already mentioned that I prefer paper for drawing (superior precision and simplicity), so I’ll have to find a way to scan things soon. I think I’ll pay a visit to the local Staples.

I’m also continuing work in Blender as well as writing. There’s not much fundamental writing left, the gameplay is now nailed down and so are the story and the characters. There are no more major changes. I worked on some minor characters, both male and female,  and polished some scenes that existed largely as sketches. For example Scout’s warehouse job, Herd commanders Dave and Esperanza talking about getting old, Banshee Sarge Nkoyo kicking a few guys’ asses, a female combat trainer NPC called Torill, and lots of other good stuff.

SJ will have a few audio logs, although they won’t be the main way of telling the story, and I wrote a few good ones explaning how the Banshees came about and what happens if a company of soldiers, male and female, endure many months of supply shortage and general craziness. It gets pretty dark at times, but there’s always a protagonist to shine a ray of light. I’m confident that people will really, really like the characters in my game.

Overall I’m still enjoying this. Rock on friendly people, happy midsummer and have a kickass summer 2015.


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