Twitter art dump: Ears


Some results of my practice. There was more drawing on paper between these digital ones, of course. You can see how they get better from one attempt to the next. It’s magic! I wonder what years of practice would do!

All of these got the anatomy roughly correct (it’s actually not hard once you know how), but some have weird angles or the proportions are off. Quite often, I didn’t pay enough attention to which parts are in shadow, and finally I used too few midtones in the shading. I’m quite fine with #5, which seems to get a lot of things right.

In character concepts, nothing will be this detailed of course, not even in portraits. I still like to learn the fundamentals well though.

All drawn from memory, no reference images. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t stare at people’s eyes and ears all the time, though. I also read in “Drawing on the right side of the brain” quite a lot. It’s such an amazing book. Thanks again to the person who gifted it to me!

I also realize only now how fortunate I was to have great art teachers in school. I was taught in 3rd grade how to draw perspective and complementary colours, in 5th grade I had a teacher who was not afraid to let his students paint a profile portrait(!), slightly later others were asking me to paint hands for them (there was a line), and in 11th-13th grade I had a very good art historian as a teacher who taught us everything from pencil drawing to classical architecture to printing techniques to all the famous painters of the last 200 years. That guy was incredible (also notoriously gay) and I never noticed it back then, although art class was one of those I rarely missed so it must have been good. I know a lot of people stop drawing when they hit puberty. I was lucky to have these teachers, because I might have dropped art and never looked back if it hadn’t been for them. These guys motivated me to draw well into my 20s at an OK level.


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