You HAVE to see these “more realistic” photoshops of female video game characters. A difference like night and day! This should make anyone realize how unrealistic the depictions of the female body in games actually are. Spindly legs, spindly arms, tiny heads, skinny torsos, huge breasts.

Some gaming studios boast their hyper-realistic lighting techniques, touting natural cloud movements as the latest features of their games. And with that kind of attention to detail, it makes us wonder, why can’t they accurately portray the female body?


Also, I can’t help but notice how ridiculous these “outfits” look on a properly proportioned body. It’s gross. The stuff they’re wearing is revealed in its entire impracticability and respectlessness. It follows that once you have realistic-looking characters, you better dress them realistically as well. The two definitely go together.

Video game artists have been using a cross of Barbie and various swimsuit competition/soft porn references for years. The sad thing is that these ridiculous body shapes limit them in their craft. You can’t do proper anatomy, which is a foundation of art, if the marketing department keeps insisting to make their heads smaller and their torsos skinnier.  I mean, it just looks bad. Maybe it’s a voluntary self-limit, but more likely it is a result of narrow thinking and disconnection from reality both on the part of the artists and on the part of the marketing folks.

I’m afraid a generation of 12 year olds will be shocked for life by this.

2 responses to “Bodies.

  • danielgoldstein91

    I was really curious how bad they looked, but unfortunately it looks like the link is broken.

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      This site has 3 of the photoshops.

      One or two looked weird after the treatment, mostly because of the dresses looking really out of place on a bigger body. But I think if we can find a compromise between supermodel bodies and more everyday bodies for female characters, that would be a step forward.

      I can understand some women looking more fit while others don’t. But not every woman in a video game has to have that super body, there really should be room enough to give female characters varying body types at least. Male chars as well, obviously, but the issue does seem to mostly lie with the portrayal of women. Many devs pick the barbie body by default for any character, and that’s really not necessary. Having a few different body types for women would do most games well.

      My opinion anyway.

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