Cutting Room Floor


Chop-chop! With a reasonable development schedule in mind, three readily-designed features have been cut from the game for now (well, one of them was a pipe-dream anyway):

  • Two-player Co-op. The design includes a dedicated (male) sidekick character for Scout, who would be controlled by the second player. This has been cut for the time being because it would require alternate versions of several cinematics, and thus a bunch of extra work. Not to mention networking and/or servers.
  • Team-based (female-friendly, did you know women don’t play online much?) online multiplayer. I have finished designs for several unique game modes, where teams have to accomplish things that are unlike any existing multiplayer games. Uses resources from single player (e.g. characters.) Cut and shelved because of need for dedicated levels and quite a bit of additional gamecode, plus the same reasons as co-op. Design is in the proverbial drawer.
  • Major mid-game choice to be made by the player, and consequently a second path through the late game, a dedicated branch of the skill tree, and completely different winning condition. I have some very cool ideas for this, but this would obviously be so much extra work that it is now classified as a stretch goal at most.

I feel it is more reasonable to focus on the single player campaign, which was always the main goal. However, the other stuff might show up again at a later point and it’s certainly nice to have it in the drawer. It hurts a little to remove the choice from the game, because the idea goes a long way back, but of course no one knows what might happen down the road.

So I now have a more modular design that can potentially be done in several parts.

The single-player campaign is unchanged, except for the removal of the binary choice thing. For now.

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