Stream of Artciousness


I currently like to paint more massive, value heavy stuff such as rocks and landscapes. I did this slightly Tolkienesque Mt. Doom while doodling around in GIMP. It makes me think of the fifth level of Scout’s Journey, the only one of which no geometry exists yet. I always wanted to go for a lava/basalt theme there, but the original design called for huge underground chambers. Now I think it would be kinda cool to have volcanoes. Terrain is pretty easy to make, and not so much else would be required. Perhaps I could just mock up a volcano landscape like this and do a camera pan before Scout enters… well, Mount Doom.

All levels have gained outdoor setpieces since the transition from “Remake Quake” except the last one. Hm, why NOT have a giant volcano in there. I’m seriously tempted.


I did those edgy basalt-splinter (hm, looks more like obsidian) rocks recently too. I have a bunch of other rock studies. I guess I could use those as a reference for sculpting environment props.

Well. I just kinda wanted to post some art stuff again after all the wall-of-text earlier. I’m getting more into GIMP Paint Studio, I really like the ability to have textured brushes which Mypaint unfortunately lacks (perhaps by design.) The black-and-white rocks were done in Mypaint, anyway. They’re not really finished, but I’m not sure I will go back to them. It’s just doodling anyway.

I’m reading “The Painter in Oil” by Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst. I got the tip from someone on Polycount, I forget who. The book has pretty much anything you ever need to know about oil painting, despite being over 100 years old. I guess some things don’t change, not very much anyway, and that is nice to know. Anyway, the book inspired me to pay more attention to composition in the future. It does make such a difference.

Thanks again to the person who gifted me the nice art books.


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