I’m practicing this way of doing environment sketches… just values, then sketchy ink, then more values. I don’t like this look a terrible lot, it’s too comicky for my taste, but I haven’t quite found something better than the ink. I’ll have to create my own brushes.

The above thumbnail sketch is of the Fortress level in Scout’s Journey, which originated from Remake Quake (e1m5) but changed a lot since then.


I think I did this one in GIMP to check out some different brushes. I’m really preferring GIMP Paint Studio to Mypaint for painting now, because Mypaint can’t use textured brushes and GIMP has selection and masking tools, which do come in handy once in a while. Mypaint has some very cool semi-realistic markers that I’m using a lot, though (Concept Design set.)


This one was done in Mypaint, I’m pretty sure.

I’m reading “How to Draw” by Scott Robertson, which is a pretty crazy book. It teaches you how to construct things in perspective and a number of other things. Specifically I like his way of sketching, so I tried to do somethng similar.

I even cracked open my art box and found some old gouache and acrylic paint tubes, and played around with those and a few other media. It was fun. Paper allows you to work so much more precisely… digital painting always includes some amount of fudgery.

It is true that you can get a lot of good advice from Youtube tutorials, but certain top-level art books can probably teach you more, IMHO. I had mixed feelings about the Scott Robertson book initially from the Amazon reviews, but man, this book is a bringer. Some sentences or examples took me several minutes to understand, but it does all make perfect sense. It’s like geometry class in school, only a lot more weird and your teacher is a monster artist.

Don’t think you can get all knowledge from youtube, books still are the best medium to teach really deep stuff, and sometimes there’s no way around that.

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