New uniques


I dreamt up some more unique items for SJ. She’s gonna get both the Sword of the Avatar and a matching armour from the enemy god, because (spoiler.) Getting to be the evil one for a while is gonna be a nice change of perspective. The game didn’t have too many uniques, let alone special weapons, so this is nice. There’s a special sci-fi weapon, these avatar things, a carapace armour, and at least one other unique from a quest (also a sword.)

Something about damage types etc;

SJ has four damage types with corresponding resistances. This is how much of the damage is handled and also how armour works. Weapon classes are several, with corresponding slots to equip them. So you can have several weapons equipped at the same time, but inventory space is limited and there is also a pretty low weight limit for what you can carry (Scout isn’t exactly Arnold.)

I kinda wanted to paint the sword just as a memory aid. The special ability is insanely powerful, since servants of Naruuk include the entire Order faction and even his personal guard, the Executioners. Why is Scout given the sword? Because the Star-Eater likes his avatars to rule by force and assert their dominance. It probably entertains him. And with the Herd on the rise, his old servants might seem obsolete…

Little does he know.


Edit: Here’s the quest sword. A remnant of the war between the Star-Eater and the people of the goddess.


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