Moar helis


The first level of Scout’s Journey has had a helicopter fetish all the way back when it was still an RMQ map. This might be due to Supa’s idea to have a KA-50 like helicopter and gnounc making a model of it. What the heck, let’s indulge our helicopter fetish some more with this idea for a dual heli hangar, loosely inspired by the rebel base from The EmpIre Strikes Back. I think this is going to be awesome.

I really try not to allow feature creep in SJ any more, but in this case the idea seems cool and the game already has a heli model and the rest is just going to be standard props that can be reused. The area itself is just a few more concrete walls – the base has a ton of that stuff already, the theme is long established, so it’s like a drop in the ocean. So yeah, I think I’ll do this.

This’ll be a nice place to put some banshees, or potentially a Preacher, and let the player choose to attack or to sneak past. Equally nice option to hide a few items and all that. The first level doesn’t have many confrontations yet, so this is a plus. It’ll also tie the back end of the level together nicely.

I briefly thought to put this area near the end of the game, but I figure it’s best to impress the player early on.

Feels good to do some level design again. It should be fun making this.

Edit; another thing this reminds me of is the Lab X18 from STALKER, which is good.

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