The centerpiece of the third level solidified enough to commit to a layout. I’ve been wanting to do this earlier, but changes in the storyline / in the main questline kept popping up so it was pretty hard to visualize the whole thing.

This used to be the moat area of RMQ e1m3rq. Suffice to say, it changed a lot. There are now two faction camps and a boss fight in there. Various cutscenes are also set in this area.

I’ll probably be able to reuse some of the dungeon areas from the RMQ map, but the centerpiece just wasn’t good enough, similar to the outside area from the second level.

I won’t be able to block this in with BSP brushes, so I guess it’ll be done completely in Blender. I did use BSP for the Temple area when I made that, but brushes have reached the end of their usefulness here.


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