Our heroine has a face


Had to be done one day. It turned out better than I thought it would; I’ve been dreading to draw these guys – Scout, Esperanza, and the other main chars in the game. I’ve seen them before my inner eye for two years. This isn’t anywhere near good, but one has to start somewhere. Iteration will probably improve these character portraits. I’ll just have to draw them again and again in different poses and from diferent perspectives. And I need to look at reference more.

Drawing a character from your imagination and nailing it is very hard.

She’ll have a helmet that she can wear in the game as well as various body armour that can be looted from the factions. This light armour vest is just her starting gear.

Not all characters in the game will be Northern European, there are Hispanic, Yoruba, Chinese and other chars in the game. Modern, near-future Europe, if you will. A rich cultural diversity.

Scout is not a beefcake space marine by any measure, but she is quick to think and to adapt and reasonably good at exploring unknown worlds. She is not able to carry terribly much weight, but she is competent with what she can carry. Movement speed will be realistic but Scout can sprint of course.

Since she’s no tank, there is the need to handle confrontations in an intelligent manner and be ready for a tactical retreat if things get too much. The opponent will almost always be stronger than Scout except in the late game after her skill tree gets filled out. She is better at shadowing and eavesdropping on people as well as using social skills to get to where she needs to be.

Scout will definitely talk in the game, she’s got an opinion and she’s not afraid to say it, but she won’t be melodramatic (I’m looking at you Tomb Raider, what did you do to Lara.) She’s naturally good at making friends but her biggest strength – which she wouldn’t guess herself – is inspiring others. This will feature in a big way in the game.

Man, I’m still thrilled for this game.

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