Faction evolution: The Order


The Order faction has been going through massive changes since its inception. What used to be rather medieval – swords, steel plate armour, crossbows – has transformed into black leather-clad cyber-necromancers.

Crossbows turned into unique energy pistols, swords turned into magical scythes and sickles, and ballistae turned into hoverturrets. Plate armour turned into rather cyberpunkish biker wear with steel accessories.

A goat-headed god turned into a cybernetic goat mask wearing one.

Masks are still en vogue, I’m not sure anymore if those people even HAVE faces. I mean, one of them doesn’t have a head. I’m partly inspired by the giant knights in Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story, which are empty shells only controlled by the will of their mistress. (If you have only seen the – horrible – movie adaptation, do yourself a favour and read the actual book.) This influence has been growing, so has the cyberpunk one, and the medieval one has been dwindling.

The faction originally descended from the idea of knight factions in the RemakeQuake mod (which in turn probably descended from some proto-SJ ideas of mine); that is hardly recognizable anymore, and that’s a good thing.

I might well keep that cross-shaped visor and the Conquistador-type helmet for the footsoldier (the other guy is a Sergeant, the next higher tier) but swords as well as medieval body armour (and crosses in general) are a thing of the past. You don’t have to rub it in people’s faces to get the reference across, I think. Medieval attire is only an undercurrent now. The faction no longer mimics the historical inquisiton, they’re quite their own thing. Ancient, worlds-traversing conquerors in service only to their goat-faced god. An anachronism, but a dangerous one.

At the same time, I’m constantly working on making this faction and their crazy god more believable as an antagonist. Why are they fighting? You know, perhaps they don’t even remember. It’s become the main identifier of their culture, the thing to do. Most dangerous type of enemy.

The Herd faction kinda went the other way – they became more human, more accessible, an uncomfortable mirror for ourselves. They are the Order’s sock puppet, which gives them a superficial sense of power and autonomy, but the price will be paid in full…

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