Designing some more near-future European weaponry. The EUFOR troops needed an assault rifle, despite being seen (alive) only three times in the game. I decided a while back to have no assault rifles in the game, not player-equippable at least, since SJ isn’t a modern military shooter. So I came up with something that’s got the sci-fi vibe as well as a distinct Eighties vibe going on. The obscure cold war era German G-11 rifle was an inspiration, although the CERP is very much its own thing (and the G-11 mechanism would not fit it.)

The thing at the front houses a large sight. The switch is for a flashlight. There might be a grenade launcher or there might not be. Loading is from the butt end. It ended up very short, so I might extend the barrel some, although small assault rifles do exist.

In any case, I’m sufficiently happy with the not-realisticness of this that I might make it available in the late game with a sparse ammo supply. Conceptually, after all the attacks on the Herd, and due to their isolation, these weapons would eventually have run out of ammo, so they started making their own. The real world G-11 used obscure caseless rounds which would probably be impossible to manufacture for a bunch of deserters. Something like this might be the reason why the Herd MP uses standard ammo and box magazines (which are available in abundance.) Another difference is that the Herd MP knows no fire modes. It is full auto, all the time. The CERP is three-round-burst only. The two are the only machine gun-like weapons in the game.

CERP = Common European Rifle Project. I chose it over SR-3 or things like that because it sounds decidedly more like a real EU project, and the game tries to depict a near future all European army. Which is currently looking more and more like fiction, ironically.

There is a corresponding pistol that’s only seen once in the game.

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