New Mypaint checkout


I pulled the latest mypaint from git today and did a build, just to see what was new.

The flood fill tool is very good now, with variable sensitivity and option to sample from all layers, as you can see it produces nice results. There is also a tool to draw clean lines and directly manipulate them afterwards similar to a Path tool or bezier curves. For those obsessive compulsive people, probably (I hear there are a few of those among artists), if you want 100% control of your lines! This is for you. Another thing I noticed was a new (to me) history tab showing recent colours and brushes. Nifty. Finally, there is a fullscreen mode that hides all controls, in case someone wants to only use hotkeys and maximize screen space.

I got into perspective construction again for a bit (still have to finish that Scott Robertson book) and mypaint has everything you need for that, too: Fine control over line angles (snapping at 15 degree increments) and ellipse shapes (also snapping.)

Together with the proven solid and flexible brush engine, the awesome brush sets available, many layer related functions and a lot of usability features this makes for a hell of a digital drawing package. I’m still impressed with the software.

Mypaint doesn’t do selections or snap-to-grid, nor does it provide effect brushes and image filters. It’s just the basics, everything needed for e.g. concept art or comics, no bullshit and nothing in the way. It exchanges .ora format with the GIMP seamlessly if you want to use that for postprocessing. The “one-two punch” of free and open source image editing.

Excellent work by the authors.


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