What’s up, friendly people. I have been liking to draw spacefighters recently. They’re a nice test case of hard surface lighting and contrast. I’m mostly content with this example, which was done in Mypaint with Ramon Miranda’s pencil brushes and some Bob Marley playing in the background.

I think I somehow leveled up in hard surface drawing, perhaps because I really invested the time to shade all the greeble and put in the highlights and deep shadows here. I did some actual lighting on the wings and cockpit. I’m quite happy with it.

I multiplied the layer with a copy of itself at 50% opacity. This keeps the hue better than doing it in Curves and creates nice dark shadows, which you usually won’t get with graphite shading due to the nature of the brushes and the material they imitate.

Now to take things into perspective.


Yep, perspectivic transfer using grids. Automatic foreshortening. It’s another thing I’m trying to get good at. I do character studies too, but as always I could probably do more.  Oh well.

I wish everybody a happy spring equinox if that means anything to you (it gets warmer hopefully.)


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