From the Righting Desk

The script to Scout’s Journey is developing continuously. Some really nice feedback I got recently made it clear to me that some things need to be better explained or prepared. I have ways to do that and am currently implementing the required changes. The player should understand these things much better now. This is where feedback really comes in handy.

The character of Scout has been under scrutiny. Her reaction to various terrible events (and there are terrible things in this game, believe me, it’ll have to ship with a trigger warning) was often too cold. She is a little more emotional now, but still far from touchy-feely. She is a soldier after all. This emotional side to her character practically requires any combat to be of a steep difficulty with retreat always a viable option – we have to avoid the “emotional cutscenes, mindless brutality in gameplay” problem that plagues some other games. I’m doing that by making the two ends meet somewhere in the middle. You can kill for your food in Scout’s Journey, but it won’t be a casual thing. Going up against a fully stocked faction battle group armed to the teeth won’t be easy. The enemy is as tough as you. Gotta use those smarts, place a few traps, put devious plans into action to soften up the target before you strike. Bring some friends or exploit inter-faction warfare, maybe. Or just stay hidden, listen in on a patrol and learn a profitable code or a password.

The plot is also slightly shorter now. A dozen scenes have been cut from the script, especially those that neither moved the main plot nor dealt with Scout’s character development or any subplots. The largest amount of worldbuilding takes place in logfiles (both audio and text), lore, quests, dialog and environmental storytelling now. The script contains two flashbacks treating the parts of the story that happened before Scout came along, but that’s it.

The scenes of the introduction have been pared down and reordered so the story starts with the main character instead of the exposition. The entire thing has a more solid feel now.

Did I say earlier that the story was finished, or that writing was easy? Hahaa, well, reality called. It’s actually unbelievably friggin’ hard. But on the upside, the script is basically there. The script outline is complete, the ending stands, the middle has subplots and twists, the plot is a solid thing, the characters are in place. Large parts have been written out in long-form, dialogue script already. It’s just about fixing it up and polishing now. The last 10% are the hardest.

For your entertainment, you may read a recently written audio log (one page) here.



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