Love the mood swing.


3 responses to “obviously

  • KillPixel Games

    Aside from my grandfather, the first programmer I ever knew was a woman (then roommate) who used assembly to code mainframes for huge corporations. She was a very intelligent individual, fun to talk to and really nonchalant about the whole thing. She later went on to be a professional stoner/painter. This video is the first time I’ve been exposed to the notion that “women can’t code”.

    On that note, I recently finished a course on javascript. Next is C then (eventually) QuakeC. Glad I don’t have cleavage or ovulate, this is difficult enough…

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Interesting. Yeah, similar thing here, my aunt worked with huge old workstations when I was a kid. Still programs ocean models in Fortran, I believe.

      Javascript course sounds awesome, C is gonna be more awesome! Would love to chat about it.

      No cleavage here either, unobstructed view of monitor…

      • KillPixel Games

        Yeah, I’m excited about learning C. I took the JS course basically as a primer. The end goal, of course, is QC.

        I’ve read elsewhere that learning C isn’t a necessary step in learning QC. However, I’m hoping that having a grasp of C will help me learn and be more proficient with QC. Time will tell!

        Even if I end up sucking at coding I think the knowledge will help me to be a better designer and a more effective communicator.

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