Munich: “Violence games” blamed again

After the Munich shooting German government and media are putting the blame on “Gewaltspiele”, which must be translated as “violence games” or even “homicide games”. German Minister of the Interior De Maiziere said: “Those violence games on the Internet can’t be good.” German weekly Der Spiegel picks up the ball and runs with it: “He called himself Hate – intensely played violence games on the Internet.”

The case is clear, right? Those damned games corrupted yet another innocent young man.

What do we know?

  • Shooter grew up in Germany but also had an Iranian passport
  • Known as a nice boy to neighbours
  • Was undergoing treatment for depression
  • Was ridiculed by classmates, had no friends
  • Was invited to Counter-Strike team “out of pity”
  • Racist toward Turks and Jews, spouted hate online
  • Described by teammates as “strongly nationalistic”
  • Called himself “Amokläufer” (“crazy shooter”)
  • Worshipped other teenage shooters
  • Started team-killing online, then dropped out
  • Researched shootings such as Anders Behring Breivik’s
  • Committed shooting on 5 year anniversary of Utøya shooting
  • Shouts in a video, “I am a German”
  • Large part of victims were immigrants
  • Killed himself when confronted by police

Looks to me like he was a racist fucker who worshipped Breivik. Possibly had a hard youth. Apparently police assisted suicide with shooting spree.

Sad story. But video games as the culprit? Seems like a stretch. More like, playing a disproportionate amount of video games and spouting hate online (as unfortunately, a lot of self-professed “gamers” tend to do) are a symptom and an outlet for such people. How exactly video games function in this context (perhaps as desensitizers?) isn’t clear at all. They’re not the root cause for this guy’s fucked-up life story, anyway.

Breivik, who killed almost 100 people in Norway five years ago, played World of Warcraft… as millions of people do without turning into crazed killers.

Come on, politicians, media people, there has to be a better reason and it’s not that hard to find.



4 responses to “Munich: “Violence games” blamed again

  • KillPixel Games

    The irony here is that there is evidence that sensationalized media coverage of events such as this can have a ‘contagion effect’ resulting in more bloodshed.

    Now to play devil’s advocate: I’m sure there is a link between one’s behavior and what one consumes (games, film, literature, etc.), the mind is not simply unaffected by what it observes. However, quantifying the effect of those things is no easy task and, IMO, it’s not as simple as “games make killers”.

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      The “more bloodshed” is already happening, unfortunately.

      Certainly the mind is not unaffected. I agree. Maybe there is a desensitizing effect. But the same is true for many other things. I’m just critical of verbal roundhouse kicks such as “violence games….” which have an effect of totally obscuring other, more likely problems that need fixing in society, such as desperation amongst certain youth and no attempts by society to lend these guys a hand before it’s too late. Youth clubs, social workers, good teachers… good psychotherapists… good parenting… too few and far between…

      • KillPixel Games

        Yeah, I saw. Sad.

        I agree. Perhaps the powers that be don’t want to draw too much attention to the actual causes as the blood trail may ultimately lead back to them!

        *fashions tin foil hat*

    • solvindur

      Well, I’m late for a comment, anyway. What about if the probable connection turns out to be the reverse direction? People who underwent hard times, who received oppression and marginalisation tend to prefer particual kinds of games/literature/visial arts ect. over others? I would not wonder if someone would examine and find out exactly this. Lots of people who use this as an outlet for what’s inside of them, and this prevents most of them to do it in reality. We should be glad then to have such media.

      Arts have been always vehicles. Lots of people were helped by them at all to proceed in their living after hard or traumatic incidents/times.

      I’d like to take it with a different example. I am into metal music (among others). If you go to a gig of Kreator or Cannibal Corpse you do exactly this. Pour out all your frustrations and agressions there, have some hours of ritually acted terror (indeed that’s what Kreator encourage their audience to do) and pour out your pain within the gore-like lyrics of CC, of those some even have been prohibited in some countries. And it’s lots of fun. You enjoy a time of liberating wilderness. And great music btw.
      After this carthatic and ecstatic event you are ready to make it some more time within society in a peacefull manner. You have fed your inner beasts. It’s no miracle metal fans in general are relaxed and peaceful people.

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