Some new music

Fleshing out a musical theme I began last year.

Other pieces of music have been touched up and remixed. Some themes (such as the reggae one) are no longer in the game. You can hear 10 minutes of work in progress music from Scout’s Journey here.


Scout’s Theme
Esperanza’s Theme
Heroic Theme
Naruuk Theme
Goddess Theme
Herd Theme


5 responses to “Some new music

  • KillPixel Games

    sounds great. I particularly like Esperanza’s theme and the goddess theme.

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      I love the goddess theme, just need to redo it in reaper as the old midi data is from an incompatible software. I’m not sure where I’m going with the Esperanza theme yet.

      I’m currently working on an ambient track as well. And I have the heroic theme extended with a horn fanfare. Doing a lot of experiments currently.

      • KillPixel Games

        hmm. I’m interested to hear your ambient stuff as it’s something I intend on doing but I’m not sure how to execute it. I use Robyn Miller’s soundtrack for Riven as my primary reference. It’s certainly ambient, but has enough instrumentation and texture to be pretty expressive.

        • kneedeepinthedoomed

          With the ambient stuff, I try to stay really minimal so as not to distract the player. Drones, subtle pulsing rhythms, occasional tinkling motifs. Really just a hint of space being created and some sublime feelings.

          In SJ, the feeling is lonely and tense during the interactive parts, not unlike Quake and the original Tomb Raider. You’re one lonely person in a treacherous unknown environment where violent things happened in the past. So minimal droney stuff (or sound effects like creaking, wind, falling rocks etc) is pretty fitting.

          I started doing ambience tracks for my levels in RMQ already, using largely sound effects to convey what kind of space it is.

          I’ll probably break the ambience up into noise tracks and subtle music cues played from triggers.

          Not ready to post examples yet.

        • kneedeepinthedoomed

          Also, I remember having problems with doing level ambience in the face of Quake’s brooding sound track. Hard to create an aural impression of a space when NIN is raving on in the background.

          SJ will be pretty restrained aurally, apart from things like cinematics

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