This guy is still coming at you.

The story is told. The Scout’s Journey plot is fully developed. The synopsis is 13 pages.

The full script, including dialogue and gameplay and audio logs, is near 200 (compare 120 pages for a typical film script), but the final bricks that fell into place during writing the synopsis still need to be put in. The game has no more than 12 audio logs, but they are slightly longer than usual. The beginning was recently rewritten again to let the player have control of Scout in under five minutes (now stop nagging, John Walker). Cutscenes will be skippable after watching once.

Pending new feedback or ultra-amazing ideas, this is a major milestone.

This part of the game really is back-breaking work. I’m finished.


3 responses to “Told.

  • toneddu2000

    I have to say: I don’t if SJ will never come to light, if we will ever see a single demo, BUT, the meticoulous work you did to the “backbone” of the game, the research, the study, and now the plot, it’s admirable at least. I really admire your dedication, and probably your stubbornness to dedicate a big part of your time to this great project. I hope to see an excerpt (maybe described with a video) of this script soon:.
    Wish you the best, really

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Thank you.

      We’re short on demos for several reasons:

      – Real-life issues such as my being sick for the last 3 years, tons of family issues and the fact that money is tight.
      – Some building blocks have to be in place before more work is done on levels and other assets, as you rightly mention.
      – Storytelling, writing and game writing are incredibly hard to master and I don’t want to half-ass it.
      – Between 2012 and 2015, the game changed massively, from a quake mod into something very different.

      I have been thinking about doing videos – exactly as you say, maybe a flythrough of some parts of levels with narration and music on top. I realize it’s hard to convey the progress that’s being made through dry text. But storytelling can’t be screenshotted unfortunately.

      A blog post about this is forthcoming. I will post an excerpt. And I am always looking for readers and feedback on the script, but at the same time, there are some trolls out there and some untrustworthy people (not you) so I gotta be careful.

      Comments are very welcome. What I’m doing is an incredibly lonely job. That sometimes makes it extra hard. Every bit of support is appreciated.

      • toneddu2000

        Sorry to hear that there have been problems in your life, I hope that everything will set and you’ll have the time to dedicate full time to this project.
        When you said “What I’m doing is an incredibly lonely job. That sometimes makes it extra hard. ” I totally understand you! Every game, every project I made it was the consequence of asking anyone “Are you interested?” “Do you want to join my project” and everytime receiving a full NO as answer.
        Unfortunately the only support I can give you is my personal knowledge of craFTEr (when it will be released) and FTE, if you should change your mind and return to FTE. Unfortunately Unreal 4 is not my engine, definately. But I’m pretty sure you made the right decision: it’s quite degrading facing Quake engines limits and always try to “model the game to the engine” and not the opposite!

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