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Check this out

Those of you interested in orchestral soundtrack stuff may want to check out the new version 2 of Paul Battersby’s Virtual Playing Orchestra, a free VO sample library in sfz format.

A beautiful sounding full virtual orchestra at your fingertips for free, VPO pulls the best samples from Sonatina and a few other sources to create a pretty well rounded library that lets you compose complete orchestral scores in software such as Reaper.

Free as in beer. The new version is very nice and not such a big download.

Grab it while it’s hot. And maybe join us at Scoring Central Forums.

One more bug from 1996

As recently posted on the Inside3D forums, apparently the Quake engine lets you overwrite the game data with savegames should you be enough of a moron to call your save “pak0.pak”, a bug that seems to hail all the way from the original release eighteen years ago.


What’s even more amazing is that this hasn’t been fixed yet. I wonder what else is in there.

This just reinforces my belief that it’s best to hide the game’s console from the player. Unfortunately with an open source game, completely hiding it is impossible.

Won’t get Doomed Again

A bit of self-motivation and proof that Doom 3 stuff isn’t just vapourware.

Doom 3’s demo recording is horrible; for example it strips out all GUIs and videos. I also couldn’t get the audio track to align properly. It should be possible to make out the shape of things in this video though.

I’ll try to break out the brushworks again and get on with the layout tonight. I want this out of the way.