Script excerpt.

Since I was asked for it, I decided to post an excerpt from the main script. Please understand that I can’t post the full script or the detailed synopsis with plot points.

Let’s just say what I’m linking here is the first ten percent of the main script. Most game projects don’t make this kind of stuff available to their community. I’m trusting you guys with this. Take note that this is copyrighted material, made available for informational and educational purposes only.

Without further ado, here is the first 20 pages of the Scout’s Journey main script! The PDF opens in a new tab.

You’re invited to join Scout (and some minor characters) as she begins her adventure! Enjoy!

Feedback always welcome!


4 responses to “Script excerpt.

  • toneddu2000

    Oh my, what depth! It’s really like a movie script! You’re talented in writing!
    I really enjoyed reading it, but, if I could give you a suggestion, probably, if your intention is to sell this game, you should start to build a “skeleton” of a game (with Unity, Unreal or whatever) and see if the enviroment fits with your script. Because, and you can take my words for it, it’s very common to give up at some point when there aren’t much visual contents created yet and you (this is an impersonal “you”) feel like you’re buiding a castle on the sand. I don’t know if I explained myself correctly. Anyway great script, compliments and thanks A LOT to share it with the community!

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Thanks for your comment! The first two environments (each made of several sublevels) are already blocked out, and the first one is quite detailed too. The game has five environments, each has several levels, and it’s only really the fifth one that is missing. 🙂 So don’t worry. There aren’t many screenshots of them on my page because the first was done in FTE and the screenies don’t look that good, and the second was actually plugged into unity but not really detailed yet.

      I don’t want to post crappy screenies on my page, is all. I’ll do a video when I have the levels in Unreal.

  • Jack

    Well Jo,I am glad to see you still at this.I am long gone from the crowd and not even capable of helping out in any capacity these days,other than read the teaser.Good stuff buddy.

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