Dear readers,

this is where we stand with Scout’s Journey and otherwise:

  • There is now Unreal-capable hardware available. I’m currently trying to install the Linux version of Unreal from git. The current development rig has 8GB RAM and a Nvidia 1050Ti GPU. This should do nicely for a while.
  • I’m still polishing off the script. The plot has been finished for a couple months, I’m just editing and pulling in some stringers in a couple places. This is not a major effort, though.
  • I’m seriously looking into C++ programming again. I am capable of it but I’m doing some reading and practice as a refresher. One thing I’m quite seriously looking at is to port my little curses-based RPG (roguelike), DSAHack, from C to C++ with classes. This makes a lot of sense and it’ll be a good practice project.
  • As soon as things are running with Unreal, there will be renewed focus on Blender modelling, especially props and environments, and successively characters.
  • I’m still looking at doing videos and I’ll probably have a server and domain at some point to host a lot more stuff than this blog ever could.
  • I’ve been dealing with some personal upheaval in recent months but I’m looking relatively fine now.
  • You want to help, you want to partner up, you want to collaborate, you want to learn C++ with me, you want to give feedback, drop me a line. I’m aware I didn’t answer all comments recently, that’s simply because I was busy.

In short, radio silence doesn’t always mean bad things.




2 responses to “Update

  • toneddu2000

    I want to learn C++ with you! 🙂

    • kneedeepinthedoomed

      Sure thing, I’d suggest using IRC to meet and to pick a practice project of some kind. We can use DSAhack (a game that works and looks just like nethack), we can use Unreal, or we can probably use QuakeC with FTE extensions (classes).

      I’ll have to get internet at home first though. I haven’t had a real telephone line for a couple weeks.

      Do you have a basic grasp of C++ already? I mean classes (with inheritance), constructors, keywords etc? Otherwise we can go over all that too.

      Since DSAhack needs to store a lot of info on creatures (and the player), a little like entities in qc, I intend to make a creature class and have a player class and a lot of monster classes just inherit from that one. I’m not sure if I want a game class or if I want to drive each game round directly from the main function (which it currently does).

      I’ll upload the code to github in a few days and link it.

      Once I have unreal running, I’ll need to port over Scout’s Journey code (inventory, GUI, dialogue parser etc) from QC to C++. You can get in on that, too, if you want to use it for C++ practice. It’ll need all the usual things like weapons and items. Probably will do that with base classes and inheritance as well.

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