Old dog, new tricks.

Here’s a snippet you probably haven’t heard. I tried to introduce more dynamics, having these strings swell in and out to mimic a real orchestra.

I picked up a few new tricks recently, such as  using pink noise to balance the mix (google it) and doing better gainstaging in Reaper, meaning the meters aren’t flashing red anymore at all. I now mix closer to -18dB than 0dB. This gives one additional headroom, which makes things a lot more relaxed. I also started to use mid/side processing on the mix bus (this allows me to control the middle and sides of the stereo spectrum separately).

On top of that, I’m trying to measure loudness with a LUFS meter on the master bus. If you’ve never heard of LUFS, I can’t blame you, it’s something used in broadcasting to determine average loudness. Youtube and other streaming services actually limit the LUFS your video can have. Now, if I could just find out what their actual numbers are. They seem to change these limits unpredictably. If you’re too loud, your video gets limited (try right clicking on a youtube video and click “stats for nerds” if you’re interested).

Furthermore, I’m using some new plugins. I might as well mention what they are:

I also now use a dedicated mix bus in Reaper, so I can have the Master set at 0 db and measure the loudness there more precisely. All the effects have moved to the mix bus, except the loudness maximizer, LUFS meter and Pink. This became necessary because you can’t have post-fader plugins on the Master in Reaper. Loudness needs to be measured after the last fader, though.

So, a whole bunch of esoteric music stuff is being done right now. Other things as well. I’ll continue to post updates.


… And, of course, there is an easier way to do the swelling strings effect. Buried in the depths of Reaper, there is a plugin that allows to simply do it with bezier curves, aka envelopes. It’s called ReaControlMIDI and I don’t know why they don’t make that the default on new MIDI tracks. Reaper is awesome, but a lot of its functionality is hidden in obscure plugins or menus.


Of course, I only find this plugin months later, while watching random youtube videos. *sigh* Feels almost like Linux! Home sweet home!



3 responses to “Old dog, new tricks.

  • Spiney

    Hey GB,

    Don’t know if you remember me, but I was briefly on RMQ during it’s disintegrative phase. Anyway, I’m contributing to Quetoo at the moment. Restyling some of the classic Q1 dm maps. I think there might be some overlap of interest with the old RMQ and Rune Of Earth magic stuff, since they’re nicely detailed and textured. Would be a crying shame to let all of the RMQ work go to waste, and we’re not nearly as conservative as the func crowd. If you still have some MP maps laying around, or perhaps would even would like to contribute, we’re on Discord https://discord.gg/qMtbnMm , site’s http://quetoo.org/

    I’ve got an archive of the SVN laying around, don’t know if that has everything, think it should? Might ask ijed also, dunno how you feel about recycling things?

    Could be fun!

  • Spiney

    btw, the music stuff does sound seriously cool, I just posted here because I couldn’t find an email right away 🙂

  • Jack

    Love the music,sounds of a long struggle and journey with a very questionable outcome.Heady indeed.

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