Hexen 2 aftermath


My Hexen 2 map — as gnounc put it — “exploded”. This morning, after collecting my teeth from the concrete wall of Hexen 2’s BSP format limit, I gave it a look in FBSP. I think it’s not too shabby. The FBSP conversion messed with the lighting, but that can be fixed.

Actually, I think this is Scout’s Journey material. It might just have been fate’s trick to get me to make another SJ level, after all. Spike pointed out that Hexen 2’s additional clipping hulls eat into the same clipnodes limit that is familiar from Quake, meaning the clipnodes limit in Hexen 2 is effectively much lower than in Quake. Sadly, that makes a lot of sense, and sadly, that is a hardcoded limit. This is too much for poor Hexen 2.

So, while I would have liked to release this as a Hexen 2 map, technically it’s just too complex for that game. But in every disaster, there’s a gleam of hope, or something like that…

Say hello to another Scout’s Journey level — number six in the lineup.


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